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This important feminist critique of populationist theory and practice, long been out of print, is now available on Reading from the Left with the author's assistance and permission.

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Climate and Capitalism

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  • Ron Ridenour on Cuba. Reading from the Left is pleased to provide two complete books by noted author Ron Ridenour. Cuba at Sea (2008) is a unique account of his experience working on Cuban merchant ships. Cuba: Beyond the Crossroads (2007) is a first-hand account of the state of the revolution, before and after Fidel Castro's retirement.

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  • Ideas for the Struggle by Marta Harnecker translated by Federico Fuentes.  Publisher: Links International Journal of Socialist Renewal
  • The Path to Human Development:
    Capitalism or Socialism?
    (PDF 366 KB)
    by Michael A. Lebowitz. If we believe in people, if we believe that the goal of a human society must be that of ensuring overall human development, our choice is clear: socialism or barbarism. (Socialist Project)  
  • Marx, Engels and Darwin (PDF 609 KB)
    by Ian Angus. How Darwin's theory of evolution conformed and extended the most fundamental concepts of Marxism. (Socialist Voice)
  • Can the Working Class Make a Socialist Revolution? (PDF 614 KB)
    By Ernest Mandel and George Novack.
    Marxists have always argued that the working class is the decisive agency of radical social change, but this proposition has repeatedly been challenged from both the left and the right. (Resistance Books)
  • Cuba: How the Workers & Peasants Made the Revolution (PDF 418 KB)
    by Chris Slee. Was the Cuban revolution made 'from above' by a handful of guerrilla fighters? This account of Cuban revolutionary history argues that workers and peasants played a critical role before, during and after the overthrow of the dictatorship. (Resistance Books)


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